1. Morning Hike

  2. m-v-k-k-t-r-i-l-l-v:



    Read OYE- Eugene, Oregon

    Read more oye hk

    I stand corrected.

    Read more, Read, Reader, booker, Bookman, Ready, Read more books, boans, boany, hood rich, rancour, etc. he writes and goes by a lot of different things.

  3. Stickers for @saveeugeneart! Follow them for some sweet street art photography from around Eugene. Looking forward to more projects with them.

  4. Cutting out stickers.

  5. Photoshoot

  7. Vote For Derp 2014 #voteforderp #derpstickers

  8. Good Morning!

  9. Screen print of Sweater Beats “Make a Move” album cover. #sweaterbeats #screenprinting

  10. Ruining it for us all.

  14. Put together these sticker packs about a year and a half ago and did nothing with them. Maybe some day I’ll sell sticker packs..

  15. m-v-k-k-t-r-i-l-l-v:


    Tiger Tateishi

    I wanna understand this so bad but I don’t

    The leader tricked them all into eating themselves.